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Olga combines her two passions by working in the General Artificial Intelligence research company GoodAI by day, and dedicating herself to fashion design by night. She started her fashion line with a goal to create wearable, comfortable, yet unique pieces for the modern active woman. “As my “flagship” pattern, I chose a shirt dress because it is extremely variable and playful. Depending on the accessories you choose, you can transform the dress from an everyday style, to something more festive or formal. I believe my dresses complement each wearer's individual style. My team and I work with the highest quality natural silk and cotton to produce a comfortable and versatile dress which can accompany you everywhere throughout your day.”

Olga lives and works in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and South Africa. She owes the inspiration for her work in both fashion and AI to the small, but tenacious and fearless honey badger, a South African native.


About Olga Afanassieva



We use the finest English silk and cotton from a producer which has been creating fabric prints for over a century. The dresses are decorated at the hemline with our signature vintage red piping brought all the way from South Africa.



The dresses are designed to be worn morning to night, ready for any occasion. With different accessorizing or layering they can look classic, eccentric, or sporty, but always chic.



The dresses are hand finished with great attention to detail by an exceptional team based in Slovakia, who cherish a long tradition of craftsmanship.

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